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An update from the Green keepers on what's going on out on the course


Course Report - September 2017

Green Staff Update

  • Interviews for the vacant Assistant Green keeper role were done on Monday 11-Sep-17 however we're still searching for the right fit, more candidates to meet this month.
  • We’ve had two applications for the apprentice vacancy. Both will be interviewed late next week.


Course Update

  • Despite the efforts of the staff, the continuous wet weather has been making an effect on the condition of the course. Areas of the course are still wet and it’s made a drastic effect on the presentation of the course. Another factor to consider is the staff levels have been lower than normal. We are still an assistant green keeper short and some staff have had their annual leave
  • The greens have been verti-drained using 12mm tines but due the constant rainfall, the benefits of this are short lived.
  • The greens have been fed again with nitrogen, calcium, potassium phosphite and soil conditioner but as with every feed over the last 3 months, we are not getting the benefit or longevity of the feeds, as they are being flushed right through the plant and soil.
  • The greens have been verti-cut but due to poor weather and lack of staff resources, operations like this have had to be cut back to allow us to get all the main cutting done.
  • Ian has sought advice from couple of reps, one who is a former Greenkeeper and sports turf expert and the other has a vast knowledge of grass plant science and both have advised that the remedial coring work should start as soon as possible as the greens are starting to rot due constant flooding. When there is no air around the root system then growing conditions become anaerobic and the roots start to rot and give off a rotten egg smell which is happening now. This work will commence on week beginning 9th October.
  • During a routine inspection of the second drainage we discovered that the main 6inch clay pipe is crushed in one place and possibly in another place just before the left-hand bridge at the second. Unfortunately, this will require extensive drainage work to repair.
  • Ian and Martin have started to compile a list of urgent drainage requirements that will have to be addressed this winter or put into the rolling plan for next year. The top priority will be 40meters of drainage that is required through the 12th green as the water has nowhere to go when it gets through the surface.
  • Ian has purchased a litre of weed killer which is used to kill Japanese knotweed and I will hope to spray these areas this week.
  • The deep pot holes on the access road to the practice are have been filled in.
  • Because of the wet conditions, some areas such as the 13th 14th and 15th holes have not been cut for 3 weeks at time. Unfortunately, last week a staff member made an error and decided to take the semi-rough mower on to these holes and made what can be described as an unacceptable mess. Ian quickly assessed the damaged and reported it to Course Convener that night. The next morning top-dressing was applied to the worst of the tracks which he did. As the damage was superficial it should be gone with a week or two.

Course Improvement Programme

  • The Course Improvement document has been updated and the collapsed 6” clay drainage pipe on the 2nd hole will be replaced.

Portacabin (Welfare Facility) - Willie Abernethy submitted the following info on possible costs.

  • Approximately £5k to £6k.
  • Layout to include small Office, Shower and Toilet, Canteen area with sink and worktop, suitable changing area.
  • Willie get firm costs etc. to Chris for next week’s MC meeting.

Ball Washers

  • There has been a very positive response from members with nine willing to pay for a ball washer each. Ian and Chris to contact supplier to see if we can get bulk discount to reduce costs. After which we’ll arrange to collect the money before we order them. It was also agreed not to put them in place until just before next years playing season.

What else is going on...

  1. Tony Costello submitted drawings and costs for a more robust event gazebo. As we have recently purchased one, these plans will be scanned and kept on file for future use if required.
  2. Gordon Johnston asked:
    1. To put out more hoops similar to those in position between the 1st tee and 18th green to be put in areas around the course showing wear from foot and trolley traffic to aid protection.
    2. As we have Post Distance markers he suggested we move the fairway distance markers, which was agreed.
    3. Have a look at the 8th tee on the course walk round.
    4. Extend the path from 12th tee to meet access path.
  3. Jamie Brown asked about “preferred lies”. Willie Abernethy advised that on the day the starter can make the decision to “lift, clean and place ball”. This would allow the competition to be a counter. It was agreed that the greenkeeper on duty would advise the starter on the ground conditions on competition days for them to make the decision.
  4. Chris White asked:
    1. The wall at the 8th tee needs to be looked at as it’s moved.
    2. The plaque on the practice bridge to be relocated to the 13th bridge as per request from David Sergeant.
    3. Where we can use the matting rolls donated by Derek Shaker, with this year’s course protection in mind. This will be looked at and identified where during the course walk round.

So, lots to do, and if you want to get involved, members are more than welcome to attend the course working group meetings, just get in touch and we'll let you know when the next one is.


The Greenkeepers.



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